Daddy You Got Me Pregnant (COMPLETED)

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starz By starz Completed
My heart stopped as I lifted the light blue pregnancy test.
Tears streamed down my cheeks.
She looked at me\
" What does it say Jess?"
I couldn't even form the words
" P-positive"
I choked.
She looked down and shook her head
I dropped on my knees and burst-ed into tears.
" Its gonna be alright Jessica.."
Gabby said with a hopeful voice.
I cried even more

" How?! M-My dad got me pregnant!"

My life is over.
no you don't have brains.  your sleeping with your father for fůčķ's sake!!!!
I read this story on my old account and decided I'd read it again on this one. Still as awesome as the first time I read it!
@angelgoddess101 Your Wellcome Dont Think I Dont Love Your Book Cuz I Do(: One Question Why Did You Have To Kill Bobby ?!
I found myself wanting to read more and see what happens next :)
I was a little confused along the way but... Found myself.
This was way awesome! :)

And my gosh -- Sexy hot much? lol
That was really brave of Bobby. :)
And damn -- Some sexy Dad she must have! :)