I Married a Gangster

Eleanor Shields is a young naive girl, her family made sure she didn't see any evil in the world. Once her parents forced her to marry Italian gangster, Francesco Armani DeLuca. She ends up doing things for this stranger that she never thought that she would ever do. DeLuca always gets what he wants, when one of his clients doesn't pay him back he is forced to go to more extreme measures, by taking his daughter. Francesco never thought that he would fall for the girl, and he also didn't think that he would end up doing whatever it was in his power to protect her. Throw in some crazy killers, and upset drug-dealers, and you will never guess what will pop up in this love thriller.
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nah but if you really think about it would you really marry somone u dont know cause ur dad fucked up -.- thts his problem
TWICE, your dad told you his name was Francesco TWICE, it's not even close to Guissipe
Why are you mad at him for letting you live with a gang leader when you were about to let him die
Why would he convict you not to, a day ago you were ok with everyone you know dying, who wouldn't want to get rid of a daughter like you
who are they, Grand parents or parents? wahahahahahaahha di ako masyadong marunong sa english XD
hi can u put English translation please thank u it's okay on next updated chapter please thank u :)))) im rereading this book again

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