I Married a Gangster

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Naia Cannon By shufflebawt Updated 17 days ago
Eleanor Shield's is a girl with a haunted past, she craves nothing more than a normal life. Her taste of normalcy is ruined when she is forced to marry Francesco DeLuca. Within a few days with him, Eleanor's life takes a complete turn in the wrong direction, and albeit wrong, it has never felt so right.
this book good the first time dont change cuz other people dont like those were you ideas to write this book not theirs
 seriously this is the truth people need to understand its favour and a hobbie 
The book has been great every time. Do what makes you happy and what lets your creativity flow. Good luck with everything. I will always be a reader. 
I'm sure this book is going to be great. I loved the last draft you had so I'm sure this will be even better!!
I have actually just started reading this, so you re wrote the book a few times. Are the old chapters deleted?
so does this mean you will be starting the entire story of once more. sorry for asking but I'm a bit confused