I Married a Gangster

"What makes you think I would listen to you? You are a killer, a cold blooded killer!" I yelled into Francesco's face, I don't know how I suddenly became so brave. Francesco slammed me on his desk placing himself in between my legs. He was so close to me I was worried he would hear my heart beating. "You will submit to me!" he growled. I nearly caved in and begged him to take me right on the desk. Eleanor Shields is a young naive girl, her family made sure she didn't see any evil in the world. Once her parents forced her to marry Italian-American gangster, Francesco De Luca, she her life takes a full 360 in bad-boy town. She ends up doing things for this stranger that she never thought that she would ever do. Francesco De Luca always gets what he wants, when one of his clients don't pay him back he is forced to go to more extreme measures, but taking his daughter. Francesco never thought that he would fall for the girl, and he also didn't think that he would end up doing whatever it was in his power to protect her. Throw in some crazy killers, and upset drug-dealers, and you will never guess what will pop up in this love thriller. THIS STORY HAS VERY SEXUAL SCENES. YOU WILL NOT BE WARNED BEFORE THEY HAPPEN. THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING.
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@shanti__ me too ! And most guys are hot when they are dangerous soooo... I don't mind !
It's a tiny mistake you don't have to tell everyone. PLUS you didn't give enough time to tyler
I really like how you pointed this out for us, some ppl actually take books seriously and it's annoying so thank you!
puro english yung comments XD .. maiba naman :3 Ganda ng story maybe ill proceed to the next chapter :)
wow umm i like him ummmmmm wen he is a compleat jerk and being the lover is tht wierd?????????????
Hey think about it that hairy fur will keep you warm while it's rubbing against you; great for the winter time.

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