Strings Attached (Harry Styles FanFiction)

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My hands lashed out, throwing her up against the tiled wall, crushing my body up against hers. She winced as her head made solid contact with the tiles but she didn’t break the kiss. The space between us vanished as she crushed her body against mine, hands tangling in my hair. I gripped her tighter as she dug the small crescents of her nails into my scalp. 

Breathless, she broke away, my name falling repeatedly from her parted lips. Fire coursed through me. She was so fragile and soft, every time I moved I thought I would break her slight trembling form. Her body moved so naturally against mine, dipping and curving to fit my own; my perfect match.

“Say... it,” She gasped, throwing her head back, cupping my face in her hands so that I was forced to meet her gaze.

“You’re mine.” She held my gaze for a second more, before crushing her lips against my own, arms wrapping tight around my neck, pulling me down to her level.

Arms sliding easily around her, she wrapped her legs around me as I lifted her up, lips traveling over her chest and collarbone. 

She moaned as my hands dug into her tender flesh, pulling on it, their violence a stark contrast to the gentle kisses teasing their way up her neck. Bright lines marked the paths that my nails had etched into her skin, marking her, beautiful red tattoos, spreading out over her entire body. Her small hands knotted in my hair, pulling harder and harder as she fought the urge to cry out...
Now I know not to mess with this chick ..0.o but it's all good bc I'm not a hater.
Im sorry you get hate for your story people should realize that it's FANFICTION so everyone is going to interpret character differently, I have read dark however I don't think that will effect my view on your story. I am very excited to read on. ❤️
I would never accuse you of plagiarism but honestly Anna Todd gets so much hate everyday, it just comes with it. I do respect you for putting this note up though
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I have no idea what the fuck that means...but hey I'm just a stupid sophomore...but not those dummy dumb ones like I'm not smart I'm not dumb but I am amazing at maths and english...well I think I should shut up now..
Do you know what happens to dark? I can't find it in wattpad anymore and I want to read it