Serenity Falls

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Serenity Falls is one of the best, most exclusive and most expensive schools in the entire country - and Olivia Webb has just been offered a scholarship. On the outside, the school is perfect. Brand new, perfect students, perfect results. But on the inside, much more drama goes down than anyone could ever imagine...
Homely doesn't mean ugly. It means lived in, well worn, old, etc.
That's what like every story is on Wattpad! I'm gonna read this cuz I've feeling this will be slightly different! Who's with me in the journey of this book?
@yannannalays Profile pic!!!!!! He's literally an angel sent to Earth
@Married2Nutella *walks away with u too but not before throwing a desk at her and smashing her head against a locker*
u think that put enough sense in her
@Youhavetobekiddingme public school is normal I never went to a private school

you're basically advising us to read it

this is a good comment not hate lollolol