Serenity Falls

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Serenity Falls is one of the best, most exclusive and most expensive schools in the entire country - and Olivia Webb has just been offered a scholarship. On the outside, the school is perfect. Brand new, perfect students, perfect results. But on the inside, much more drama goes down than anyone could ever imagine...
Yay! This sounds good. Anyone notice that you can almost see the girls underwear in the picture for the cover? just gotta point that out...
If there was a like button I would've totes liked your comment
I don't know why I'm imagining them as British people and reading this in a British accent
'this book is not good for you' book from the secret series rocked so keeping that in mind I'll continue
I think people are being too harsh on Brad. He's just been uprooted from his home, his friends, his band, his life. We already know he didn't want to leave New York, and it doesn't sound like he got much say in the matter. I think he has a right to be a little pissed off right now.
@ArtfulJammieDodger fudging incorrect man. erstwhile is arsehole