Serenity Falls

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Serenity Falls is one of the best, most exclusive and most expensive schools in the entire country - and Olivia Webb has just been offered a scholarship. On the outside, the school is perfect. Brand new, perfect students, perfect results. But on the inside, much more drama goes down than anyone could ever imagine...
@CiaraSu ikr. you just read my mind. people always say that and I'm just like, wtf? why publish it then if you thinks it sucks butt? -_-
If u don't want ppl to read this book than why did u post this book on wattpad?
@yannannalays Profile pic!!!!!! He's literally an angel sent to Earth
@Married2Nutella *walks away with u too but not before throwing a desk at her and smashing her head against a locker*
u think that put enough sense in her
It's funny how this book is like a copy of so many series/tv shows/movies yet I didn't watch any so idek except by comments lmaoo
There's this snobby bitch at my school named Kayla .. I hope she's as snobby in here as in real life