Guardian of Fire Island (boyxboy)

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MelyssaAmethyst By MelyssaAmethyst Updated 2 years ago
{Yaoi/Slash/BoyxBoy/MxM/LGBT} Keahi is known as the Peace Keeper on an Island known as Fire Island. It is his duty to quell the Volcano’s fury should it giving up his life. He is resigned to his fate - until he meets an unusual man called Masou...
Ignorant1 Ignorant1 3 months ago
*Oh would you look at that! We read the scrolls wrong! It's the princesses duties to quell the volcano and the peace keeper to take their place as ruler* 
Yep! That settles it, if the scrolls say so then it must be true.
katoxc katoxc 5 months ago
What kind of b*tch is she?! That's verbal abuse! *takes shoe off foot and slaps princess with it* How you like them apples?
KittenOnTheRun KittenOnTheRun a year ago
I read this somewhere else... I still love it! I've been looking for this story everywhere, then today I suddenly saw it on wattpad. Meh. Well anyhow... time to get reading, Again!
latibule latibule a year ago
Really hope i'm not over stepping my boundaries here, but i really loved your story, and i wanted to make a cover for it. Hope you don't mind!
IceKitten IceKitten 2 years ago
This girl....I never wanted to strangle someone with their own hair so  much in my life! Love it so far! ON I GO!!