The Confessions Of A Bisexual Player

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Tiffany By TotallyInLove1234 Updated 2 years ago
Ashley's parents send her to private school hoping she will drop the whole bisexual act but Ashley might actually like private school. She has a total hot room mate who is a manwhore and she met a really cute girl. Will Ashley keep up her player ways or will she fall in love. If she falls in love will it be with a guy or a girl. Or possibly both?
I like Ashley's character she is soo cool! And ooh Thomas and Noelle that was cool and unexpected lol nice chapter!
Ashley is something else.. quite the character. You have great characterization.
LOL. She's badass. I came across this.. decided to read it. :D Great plot.
alrite the story is great,,,but I have a comment on the picture you got up there.....I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@TotallyInLove1234 It i an awesome story.. I love it!! KEEP WRITING!!
Ahaha its funny. Because Im bi and a player to so I think its awesome aha :)