The Confessions Of A Bisexual Player

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TotallyInLove1234 By TotallyInLove1234 Updated a year ago
Ashley's parents send her to private school hoping she will drop the whole bisexual act but Ashley might actually like private school. She has a total hot room mate who is a manwhore and she met a really cute girl. Will Ashley keep up her player ways or will she fall in love. If she falls in love will it be with a guy or a girl. Or possibly both?
PrincyJessie PrincyJessie 3 years ago
I like Ashley's character she is soo cool! And ooh Thomas and Noelle that was cool and unexpected lol nice chapter!
Musiq4lyf Musiq4lyf 3 years ago
Ashley is something else.. quite the character. You have great characterization.
Musiq4lyf Musiq4lyf 3 years ago
LOL. She's badass. I came across this.. decided to read it. :D Great plot.
MM88910 MM88910 3 years ago
alrite the story is great,,,but I have a comment on the picture you got up there.....I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sabribri18 Sabribri18 3 years ago
@TotallyInLove1234 It i an awesome story.. I love it!! KEEP WRITING!!
klspls klspls 3 years ago
Ahaha its funny. Because Im bi and a player to so I think its awesome aha :)