My Dream Boy (BoyxBoy)

A cute adorable gay boy who fakes being dumb but is actually super smart and completely in love with this amazing dream boy who happens to be his best friend. A feisty, bossy girlfriend always there to give him a hand. An abusive violent ex boyfriend that promised to get him back no matter what. A hot read haired new student girl who vowed to get in his pants. A super evil genious wonder boy who promised him a perfect plan to get him his 'Dream Boy'. You mix all of that, and get a hell of a good mess! But all trouble is worth it when he gets to have his Dream Boy in the end! (boyxboy) *Restricted~mature content~
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I cried and my 3 year old sister made fun of me... it was such a depressing movie!
why do you say that english is not your first language and there are mistakes I get that but my eyes skimmed through words and there's barely mistakes.
Great start! Absolute love it, can't wait to read more, after my nap though lol!
This story is really good!!! And your English is really good (^w^) If you don't mind me asking, what is your first language???
If you don't want him in the friend zone, UNLOCK THE CAGE AND LET HIM OUT XD Silly boy
" those legs are sneaky little devils " lol . love your story you so good at this

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