Memories are Forever

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xDareToCarex By xDareToCarex Updated 3 years ago
Memories are Forever! is about a girl, Amberlyne McKenzie, learning to trust guys again after what has happened to her in the past. Her brother becomes the 'popular' guy but one of his friends, Nole Banks, tries to stay away from that crowd. He is also the one who wants to help her open up to him so he can right the wrong. Little does he know, this girl's younger twin brother protects her like a lion protects his kill. Will Nole decide to give up, or will he go for the steal? Let's just hope nothing too bad happens on the way and don't forget about the little twist their family will go threw once they find out Nole isn't human!
Could you help me with my book cover. My book is about a boy names Louis ( it was Louis Tomlinson on it) and his life as a demigod. Could you please help me. Thx
Hehe.... I'm trying to imagine the bright green skinny jeans.