Best Friends with Mr. Perfect (ABANDONED)

When there's a fragile line between love and friendship, do you risk it? After Ella confessed to her lifelong best friend Caleb, she never expected the tragedies and heartbreak ahead for both of their families. Captivated by his big chocolate eyes and small town charm, Ella loses her focus and occasionally, her mind. Does love really always find a way?
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Okay I recognize this I think I probably started reading then I got bored...why would they think Caleb killed Harry! That's just awful and sick!
Darn Caleb I'm gonna shoot you. Only the second chapter and I'm already hating on him...
Nooooooo... =_=
Dang it... this had better be a mistake!
You wrote this chapter so well I'm moaning from despair! :P
so im rereading this and MRS. CLEAVER how could i have missed that amazingness before???? love the name ;)
AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH i got as emotional as a prego chick ( no offence to any of them) (-.-)

ok, so this isn't a cliche. *eyes like saucers*

his brother...committed suicide?!

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