A Submissive And His Master (BOYXBOY) (D/S)

Images, thoughts, dreams... What next? What else could my sick and twisted mind come up with that hadn't been thought of already? I'm gay; not one of those little fucking submissive flower boys you find in those weird ass yaoi comics. So why was I having these crazy dreams? Why was I imagining myself submitting to Jack fucking Prescott? I'm not naturally submissive. I don't claim to have been born like I am... Too have even taught myself to want to submit. All I know is that whenever I see Jack Prescott... I just wanna drop down on my knees by his feet, and serve him like a dog would do it's owner. Like a slave would do it's master. Because to me it didn't matter that Jack Prescott probably didn't even know I existed. To me he's my master and always will be.
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Darling don't be afraid I'm eleven certified fujoshi and well secretly admires bdsm it's kinda cute in a way
Why is everyone's name Declan? :') I just met a dude with that name and no I see it everywhere.
*swipers voice* Awww. Maannnnn No fair. I thought it'd be that way. Oh well this is better.
I love BDSM!!! If someone thinks it is wrong I don't give a damn. I also like D/s relationships because it can get soooooo SEXYHOT!!
I'm reading the last book in 50 Shades, and I'm really looking forward to reading something a little different :)
The only thing I know about Fifty Shades of Gray is that rope sales went up after the book was released

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