A Submissive And His Master (boyxboy)

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TheHalfBloodPrince36 By TheHalfBloodPrince36 Updated 11 days ago
Images, thoughts, dreams... What next? 

What else could my sick and twisted mind come up with that hadn't been thought of already?

I'm gay; not one of those little fucking submissive flower boys you find in those weird ass yaoi comics.

So why was I having these crazy dreams?

Why was I imagining myself submitting to Jack fucking Prescott? 

I'm not naturally submissive. I don't claim to have been born like I am... Too have even taught myself to want to submit.

All I know is that whenever I see Jack Prescott...

I just wanna drop down on my knees by his feet, and serve him like a dog would do it's owner.

Like a slave would do it's master.

Because to me it didn't matter that Jack Prescott probably didn't even know I existed.

To me he's my master and always will be.
@TurtleGirl2 I just imagine people like:
Random person: umm, Jeremy? What is that white stuff in your hair? 
Jeremy:...... Uh, gel?
I believe the author said they weren't gonna continue it but then re did everything and reposted it
@nocontrol_larry yeah... well at least there's a new chapter :)
OMFG I know, the app is going crazy rn with the continuous updates lol
Uummm...which hand did he put in his hair cause that's would be awkward to walk out his room with cum in his hair !(◎_◎;)
reading smut of cours