A Submissive And His Master (boyxboy)

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TheHalfBloodPrince36 By TheHalfBloodPrince36 Updated a month ago
Images, thoughts, dreams... What next? 
    What else could my sick and twisted mind come up with that hadn't been thought of already?
    I'm gay; not one of those little fucking submissive flower boys you find in those weird ass yaoi comics.
    So why was I having these crazy dreams?
    Why was I imagining myself submitting to Jack fucking Prescott? 
    I'm not naturally submissive. I don't claim to have been born like I am... Too have even taught myself to want to submit.
    All I know is that whenever I see Jack Prescott...
    I just wanna drop down on my knees by his feet, and serve him like a dog would do it's owner.
    Like a slave would do it's master.
    Because to me it didn't matter that Jack Prescott probably didn't even know I existed.
    To me he's my master and always will be.
@shezzyc oh gosh! it's really the truth right?! I've only read like twilight before wattpad. 
                                    now I can finish a whole novel in one day XD
When I read this I just got an image of a guy grinding his butt on the school chair he was sitting in...
                                    (・∀・)And I have absolutely no idea why...
Her?! I find that offensive!! The Dom could just as well be a woman as a man, and a man could just as easily be a Sub!!
I believe the author said they weren't gonna continue it but then re did everything and reposted it
@nocontrol_larry yeah... well at least there's a new chapter :)
OMFG I know, the app is going crazy rn with the continuous updates lol