Demon hunters

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_Attru67 By _Attru67 Updated 11 months ago
As I am sworn into the demon hunters association, I swear to protect the innocent to the best of my ability, I will leave no demon left to wander this earth, and I will banish all evil that stands in my way. The Devil may never have my soul for it belongs to the Lord and him alone, all the sins I have or will be commited will be judged by the Lord. As a follower of God I will continue to do his work with dignity til the day I breathe my last breath...

This the tale Elliot Lawson for he will be our salvation or he will be our demise.
The  background of the story is a piece of work, and the endings of the story made me curious at what will happen next.
firechick13 firechick13 2 years ago
Good paragraph, I saw a few errors but nothing major. I definitely think this was unique and a good introduction for the story. In my opinion not just the idea is unique, but the whole general format you used to present the school. Nice work!
Good start! It's a different intro than anything else I've read, so I like it!
annachlorine annachlorine 3 years ago
This is a good story so far but you needed to fix the paragraph a bit. Put into more description and tell me why is it breathtaking, like this like that. This will give the readers a good image on your story. Sorry if I'm harsh, I want to help and improve your story. :D -voted-
Kara_writes Kara_writes 3 years ago
Interesting so far, I think that this story has a lot of potential. I like the way that you ended it, a good little twist. :)
SillySnowPrincess SillySnowPrincess 3 years ago
Cool story, sounds interesting from what i've read so far. What's also cool is demon hunters. I think that's very bad ass. Well good job and keep writing!