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Nahtaia: A Faery's Tale is an offshoot of Zirconya: The Sage of Aluh'Nehn, the first book in a Trilogy, scheduled to be published by Champagne Books in June '11. Every faery is born with a gift. Every gift is used for the good of fae existence, but when a troublesome faery is blessed with the greatest of abilities, the outcome doesn’t look so promising. Nahtaia is a mischievous, Zirconyan faery with one of the greatest of gifts; distortion. After accidentally turning a human boy into faery size, her powers are immediately seized by the Zirconyan sages and banishment is a likely punishment. Luckily, the Minister of Fae Assignment is unaware of her mistake. With the help of a pine faery named Oren, Nahtaia must find a way to change the human back to his natural state and regain her abilities, all while keeping hidden from the keen eyes of the Ministers of the faery realm lest she be stripped of her wings and doomed to a life without the one thing she loves most; magic.
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I like it it's cool I need to finish but I have just started reading it and I think it's good!! (:
hey i hate doing this but i gotta get my story out there so read my story Mates by nerdy_rebel!! hate doing this but eh hows a girl supposed to share her work
Guys, help me find a source for a book cover, plsss.. :) 

Btw, this story is wonderful.
Really love this book :D you're a very great writer I can picture it all in my head please publish the 2nd one soon :)
Hey <3 the book. Can u plse check my new hook out! Its called I SHOULDN'T OF OPENED THE DOOR yeahhh I'm new on here and no win knows about me...
Love it. I'm writing a faerie story as well and I love reading others interpretations of the faerie world how they see it :)

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