Playing For Keeps (Book 1)

Two people. One plan. A twist of fate. A not-so-typical modern day fairytale that can happen to two people when they think that they've got it all planned out. On the outside, Alex Lizares seems like the prototype of a bad boy – reckless, egocentric, and roguish. Bequeathed with amazing looks and incredible sex appeal, he can charm his way out of anything. But is there more to Alex than meets the eye? Is a vulnerable and caring man just hiding behind that façade? People see Drei Buenaventura as the perfect example of the modern woman – independent, resilient and confident. Having faced a lot of struggles in the past including losing the love of her life, Drei is convinced that she can already handle anything. However, is she really as tough as she seems? Can she play with fire and not get scorched? All he wanted is to have fun and live his life to the fullest…not caring if he broke a few hearts along the way. All she wished for was a break from her seemingly boring feel alive again. In a dangerous game where their hearts are at stake, who will emerge victorious and who will crash and burn? Breaking rules and breaking hearts. Can they play the game? Playing For Keeps © 2013 KasuyTheFanGirl. All Rights Reserved
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ehehee pa read naman po kung gusto niyo. Thanks po  ^_^
im also the fanaticz of KimXi ... im because they win in the pop choice .. nitong linggo lng s ASAP ... hahaha =D
ohhh so book 1 pala ito....i read book 2 up to chpter 5  pa lng...buti i saw this......gnda. .u love just say yes too....
Ayyyy... ngayon ko lang napansin na tapos na. Ang fail! Hahaha... anubayan... sige babasahin ko 'to pag may time. Maikli lang pala eh. *u*
huwwaaahhh!!! Love youre story!!


hope you can reAD mine:)
awts. okay sige. salamat po ulit. :)) kelangan ko ata talagang mag tiyagang magbasa  dito.

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