kidnapped -a mindless behavior Jacob Perez story

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brooklynmb By brooklynmb Updated a year ago
What happened's when a girl takes it too far?

Two girls named YN(your name)& Ariana
Are all ways beefing at school cause they hate each other.
And one day when YN spills her whole tray of food on Ariana and the whole cafeteria laughs at her and now she wants revenge on YN.

Will it end up bad?
Will it end up just as planed?
Will she regret that she even did it?

You'll find out once it is all reveled
_trillkillax_ _trillkillax_ 13 days ago
@imademynamelonglol stop correcting her if u know what she mean
LittleMrsMisfit3000 LittleMrsMisfit3000 4 months ago
reminds me of i luv my bully ( best book series ever !!! :) )
TasiiaMae_17 TasiiaMae_17 11 months ago
lol I'm obviously finna get kidnapped. I think that's y its called kidnapped -'-  js lmao
JazzyCoram JazzyCoram 2 years ago
CONTINUE it sounds like a really good book & i bet it is ^_^ ima shut up & start reading