My Hectic Life

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Why do u wanna know? By ihaveabigbookshelf Updated 4 years ago
Some people say their lives are hectic but still manage to find the time to watch tv and paint their nails. Laura's life is properly hectic she doesn't have tome to do this. She has to juggle housework, kids and a job. Her life would be so much easier if she didn't have to work but they need the  money. The question is can she cope with all the stress or will she have to get her priorities straight. Hmmm It would be so much easier if housework didn't exist!
a really good tip, describe! describe!! describe!!! that word cannot be said enough times ;) explain more and try to make everyone live the moment with the caracters, get it? :p
there some errors and its pretty short, but I like the plot!you can go at it in a lot of ways, but try to put more action and something for the readers to be excited for the next chapter kay? :)
Well so far, I think it's cute. Upload more, you're only just getting started :D