I'm a vampire hunter marrying a vampire nice...wait hang on!!!

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_D0wn3r By _D0wn3r Updated 3 years ago
What happens when the most hated vampire hunter gets captured by the enemy?
Allegramoon Allegramoon 3 years ago
@loverlybliss lol i know what you mean! haha i hate doing that to my stories as well  @.@ to much work
IamJustAlice IamJustAlice 3 years ago
@loverlybliss That's awesome! I'll wait till you already edited it.. that when i'll read it.. REALLY like the story! More power! :D
IamJustAlice IamJustAlice 3 years ago
uhmmm.. It's cool but give your story some spaces... It's confusing to read, I'm already cross-eyed, ya'know. Your story is still cool, though. :)
Amnesia1975 Amnesia1975 3 years ago
its ok it is readable but it really cool i dont know how u came up wit it but it is a really nice bk.
Uxie22 Uxie22 3 years ago
It has a good story line/plot, but I think it would be better if you used full stops and stuff like that :P but then, that's just my opinion.
Anyways, it's a good story :)
Caitling Caitling 4 years ago
when is the sequel going to b up and if it is already what is it called?