Harry Styles Slave

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Wizzel123 By Wizzel123 Updated 2 years ago
Hey, My name is Zoey But i mostly use zoe as my name, anyway my parents have sold me yea...and to harry yupp harry styles i hated it and i never thought i would ever like in or fall in love with him.... i guess i might be wrong...
Nourld Nourld 4 months ago
okay to be honest xD the directioner wanna be her 
and i want the money only xD
Bish_wha Bish_wha a year ago
Please check out my fan fic. PLEASE!! Im new..... love this story
irwinsgirl13 irwinsgirl13 2 years ago
my name is Zoe! but y is my name always in a Harry sex fanfic??? not that I don't mind or anything... wait, forget I said that lol
Maria4078 Maria4078 2 years ago
OMG lol this book is funny I like it so far pretty interesting scence harry isn't actually like this lol xx bye! 
cyntaluvsya cyntaluvsya 2 years ago
I CANT FREAKIN BELIEVE IT! YOU RIPPED OFF ANOTHER STORY CALLED 1Ds salve! We have already informed the writer of the other story and believe me shes angry! Shame on you!!
DaniTommo21 DaniTommo21 2 years ago
strangly i feel like this is excatly like thr book 1ds slave but with inly harry :?