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When she had signed up to be a surgical fellow on the Foundation’s Premier Galactic Medical Station, Lieutenant Grace Lord did not expect to be attacked by wild animals, be stalked by a strange android, have a supervisor with Megalomania Hyperactivity Disorder, and face life-threatening danger - all while trying to practice medicine! The medical station, run by a very unusual artificial intelligence named Nelson Mandela, was supposed to be a hospital! But the patients were trying to become animals, the androids were trying to become human, and the doctors were all just a little too crazy! And this menagerie was supposed to save the human race from destruction?
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Incredible start! I love the mysterious element that you're portraying. And the mood is spot on. Amazing job :)
This is a great start!  You're very descriptive and I love the mystery in it!  Nice job!
Wonderfully written! The descriptions were great  and there was enough mystery to make any reader turn the pages. I'm looking forward to reading more :)
Wow. That's all i can say right now! :D You are amazing. Im new to wattpad and this is a perfect story to start off my reading! Just... Wow!
Very powerful, superb writing.  And raises all sorts of questions I need answered, prompting me to turn the page.


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