Crash into Me (Little Mermaid Re-telling)

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KarateChop By KarateChop Updated a year ago
Talise, a mermaid, has fallen in love with Adam from afar.  She would always venture to the top of the sea in hopes to see him.  When she saves his life however, she dreams of walking on the beach next to him hand in hand.  Talise seeks the dark magic of Caulder who has battled for her interest for years.  Instead of just turning her into a human he strikes her a deal.  She will have two weeks, being human, to make Adam fall in love with her.  But if she fails, the spell will be broken and she will belong to Caulder instead.
turtlepoop turtlepoop a year ago
The original story (the one where she turns into sea foam) is one of my favorite stories ever! I love your book :)
melbastien melbastien 2 years ago
I've only just read the prologue and I love it already :) can't wait to continue!!
carmenmortiz carmenmortiz 2 years ago
Wow. That was a terribly awesome cliffhanger!!!! Please update!!
candyapple22 candyapple22 2 years ago
I love this story soo much and I'm sad that it hasn't been uploaded in such a long time. Please don't forget about this story!
EcHoOwL EcHoOwL 3 years ago
Why oh why oh why did you stop uploading?! Is so good! Please write again and SOON! And great cliff hanger by the way
TakeMe TakeMe 3 years ago
2 things to say!

1. Your summary and first chapter immediately captured my attention, so good job and 

2. If Ian Sommerhalder is Caulder I am DEFINITELY rooting for him :D