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FebruaryGrace By FebruaryGrace Updated 2 months ago
"What is a heart if not the ultimate clockwork?"

Abigail’s young life was saved by the kindness of strangers: Schuyler Algernon, the man who found her collapsed on cold city streets, and Quinn Godspeed, the doctor who risked everything by breaking the law to keep her fragile heart beating.

As the truth about what she’s become and her feelings for her savior overtake her, Abigail is forced to ask what constitutes life, living, and what dark secrets are contained within Godspeed’s past and the walls of Schuyler’s house.

GODSPEED is available to read on Wattpad thanks to permission granted by my wonderful publisher, Booktrope. Thank you, Booktrope!
aelevey5 aelevey5 2 months ago
I'm reading this story again. It was one of the very first I read on here and in so excited I remembered it two years later! It's already fantastic!
CMGanya CMGanya 3 months ago
Actually, my friend's Grandfather died within days of his Beloved Wife and the official diagnosis was that he died of a broken heart! First and only time I have ever heard of this as a diagnosis!
CMGanya CMGanya 3 months ago
Poor Darling! And you can of course, most unfortunately, completely relate!
CMGanya CMGanya 3 months ago
Oh!! The last sentence of this paragraph is ABSOLUTELY EXQUISITE!!
CMGanya CMGanya 3 months ago
I have only read your first two paragraphs and you have already captured my heart and my imagination COMPLETELY!! WOW!! :D THANK YOU!!
MGPetrino MGPetrino 6 months ago
I enjoy all of your work, but this is your best book, a literal Steampunk Jane Eyre :)