New Beginnings

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Bella-234 By Bella-234 Completed
Isabelle Starr is enjoying her 18th birthday when she spots him. The guy of her dreams. Her prince charming. The other half of her soul. Her mate. Her world is complete.
Hence why his rejection hits hard. A mate can't be rejected it's unheard of! Yet here she is, living proof that it happens.
Keeping this as her biggest secret she moves away under the pretence of going to University. Instead she is determined to start again somewhere new, anywhere new, and soon falls off the radar. 
She finally has a new life and is living it to the full. But how long will it last? And will her past ever catch up with her? (Story copyright of Bella-234)
BreakfestIsthisWay BreakfestIsthisWay 7 months ago
Are you sure your a bad girl? You can't even say sex. You say.. 'Stuff'... Lol
JulieDisick JulieDisick 11 months ago
Im loving your book already.....can't eait to read chapter 2 # awsome book#
ashtonjoan ashtonjoan a year ago
I'm totally into All Time Low too! When I saw you knew who they were I squealed. Love this already.
hannah_t hannah_t 2 years ago
@Bella-234 i think she means that shes glad you didnt put the lyrics for each song you used because a lot of people do that
TinaWhitworth TinaWhitworth 3 years ago
You are brilliant. I do believe that you are now my favorite Wattpad author. New Beginnings was spectacular. I am excited about Dark Descendant.
pixiebaby pixiebaby 3 years ago
Actually that dress in the picture looks like it would be really pretty in person