The Girl Who Wished To Be Skinny (2011 Watty Award Winner)

Megan Parker is a 14 year old girl who HATES being fat. She absolutely abhores her body. From her chubby thighs to her hairy arms she just can't stand looking at herself in the mirror. While in the girl's bathroom she wishes that she could be skinny. To her surprise, a fairy godmother appears from sparkle and glitter and tells her that she'll grant her wish but only on one condition. Megan quickly learns that looks aren't the only thing that matters to attract boys, and more importantly, they aren't the only thing that matters in life. A short fairy tale for all ages.
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Wonderfully written. And the dialogues are funny. It is a Make-You-Feel-good short story.
I think this story is beautiful thing your friend would cherish up there in the clouds. You are beautiful no matter what.
@DenmarkHarris Dorry(my way of saying don't worry) I have voted for this story already :)
@DenmarkHarris omg..really-it sounds so good!-I feel really stupid for not knowing that now-lol
this is so good- I always complain that I'm not skinny-but apparently I
Wow. It left me speechless. I can relate to the beginning a lot. An incredible message. I am so sorry for your friend and you. May she rest in peace

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