The Girl Who Wished To Be Skinny (2011 Watty Award Winner)

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DenmarkHarris By DenmarkHarris Updated 18 days ago
Megan Parker is a 14 year old girl who HATES being fat. She absolutely abhores her body.  From her chubby thighs to her hairy arms she just can't stand looking at herself in the mirror.  While in the girl's bathroom she wishes that she could be skinny.  To her surprise, a fairy godmother appears from sparkle and glitter and tells her that she'll grant her wish but only on one condition.  Megan quickly learns that looks aren't the only thing that matters to attract boys, and more importantly,  they aren't the only thing that matters in life.  A short fairy tale for all ages.
aleisha-brooke aleisha-brooke 9 days ago
I can really relate to the girl in this book as she is going through stuff I currently am. Thanks so much this book helped tons xxx
imjustmexox imjustmexox 19 days ago
I totally get this, and understand how this girl feels, and this book did help... a lot.  I won't go into everything that I've done when it comes to 'losing weight' but just know, it really did help me :)
Nena1lolz123 Nena1lolz123 2 months ago
Whoa it won the watty awards :o well I'm not that surprised cx and yeah I can see your reasoning I can relate XD when I look through my unfinished stories from when I first started writing their different from now so it makes sense.

Do you plan on writing another short story or a chapter book?
Nena1lolz123 Nena1lolz123 2 months ago
We're there cx well I hope.. If not I guess I'm one of kind! XD but I like everything about the story! The way it's written, characters, and the moral cx you should make more :)
Nena1lolz123 Nena1lolz123 2 months ago
Why aren't there guys like Luke? And why aren't there more stories like this on wattpad?!
Nyhterides Nyhterides 3 months ago
Very nice :) If only we could all love ourselves the way we are.