Secrets - Nathan Sykes fanfic

Holly George, 19, the sister of Max George in the famous boyband 'The Wanted' has a bit of trouble with her long-term relationship with her boyfriend but when she meets Max's band mates everything changes all because of one. *Under Editing*
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I feel lucky and no a bit disgusted because my name is Holly and my middle name is Louise
Hahaha, always l8! At least this time Nath can't get the blame (well he could but it's not entirely his fault this time) xxx
I was waiting 4 them 2 say something like, "ur the smart one who always listens" but then again I doubt they'd admit it xxx
hahaha I laughed at Max getting angry but it was sad as well what her boyfriend did 2 her x He's such a dick and he wants her back? WTF hell NO!
It was nice 2 get 2 no a bit about the character b4 the main part of the story started x
It's good but just maybe a little but more romantic between them !!! It would be really good

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