Intransigence: On Hold[ish]

Randi Douglas and Zea Tambrey go through the weirdest things with the start of the upcoming new school year. This most EPIC story has a mix of delectable gore, heart-wrenching emotion, action, fantasy, paranormal, adventure, teen fiction, and just plain silliness.... But we're cool... we swear. P.S. If you don't know what intransigence means look it up! =)
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that was just plain AWESOMENESS :P:P:P, and it was very well written. great job u guys, can't wait for more. btw i'm so fanning u guys :D:D
THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!! Hahahahahha Randi and Zea crack me up!! I can't wait for Chapter One. I'm totally going to be on the lookout tomorrow!
LOL That was soooo funny. Thanks for suggesting this to me @Pookelus. It's fantastically well written and shaping out to be a great story already.
ROFL that was morbidly hilarious! And it was well written, great job I can't wait for more!!
Why didn't I read this sooner?! And of course I can tell this is going to be EPIC!!
This is ingenious. Nice everything in this; writing style, description, dialogue. Great job! I can't wait for Chapter One

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