My Redemption

Dear Richard, If your reading this, then either I am dead or I have found it time to tell you the truth. Your mother and I wanted to shield you from the truth for as long as we could, but at some point we knew we would have to tell you. You see, Richard, everything is not as you have always imagined it to be...
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Glad to see you like the cover! ^.^ (this is @MilliliteraI, I'm using a different account)
This looks like a pretty interesting story.....I'm excited to read. This plot is different FINALLY!!!!!!
It's got a nice structure, I like how you wrote the letter to start with, that is something that makes your story unique and stand out! :)
I like how the prologue is a letter. It's well written and the words flow nicely. I'm really interested to see what happened within the 20 year wall.
Prologue is very fascinating , love how you wrote it kinda like a letter. plus the cover is stunning!
I really like your cover, and the story line to this book is great. the prologue makes me want to read on, and very interesting plot. Good job!!

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