We Have A Lot In Common: I'm Hot, You're Hot-Let's Date!

We’ve all heard the story of the hottest, most popular guy in school falling for the innocent shy girl despite the tons of “self-centered” popular girls who would do anything to be with him; but have you heard it told from the point of view from one of the crushing and flirty popular girls? Maybe they’re not as bad and as annoying as well all thought. And to show you that, Olivia Beckett is here to tell you her story.
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Hey! What the heck? Why is this story so good :D I really love it! It's truly original! You already got me hooked in the first chapter!
Kale is quite the smooth operator, isn't he. Love the energy and emotion that resonates from your writing. Reading on!
awh poor liv :( it's sad because it's relatable. like everyone tries to look good for their crush too.
Kale reminds me of my ex.... ew. (: hahahaha
i really love this chapter, but i feel bad for olivia. ): He's using her.
Aw I like Olivia! I feel bad for her. It would be cool if you wrote chapters from Chloe or Kale's POV. This is really good so far, I want to keep reading!
Uhum,Kale is A jerkface!!! hes gonna use her! :( And sumthings up with noah.. mayb he likes oliva? :) 

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