If I'm Louder (Niall Horan Love Story)

*Insert your name in the _____ spaces* You and Zayn Malik have been bestfriends since forever. You haven’t seen him ever since he left to audition for the X Factor. What happens when the pair of you get reunited over the summer? You’ll create new friendships that would last a lifetime, make enemies that will bring out another person from within you and discover the true definition of love.
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OMG only on chap 21 but I sooooo good and I love the blank BC its perfect u should write another niall one good job coco
your so AWSOM. I love you, I love your stories. Can you maybe...probably...kinda..write me a little Ed sheeran story? My names Kate... Pweeese??
When are they gonna have sex? It's bugging me I just want them to make love and it will be all romantic and stuff before she leaves... If she leaves
LOVE THIS!!! You are very talented! x)
Keep up the great work! n.n
And maybe you could check out my series?

WHEN? Pls update it soon Iam just counting the days for it!
Pls hurry,otherwise my patience will go out of the window
OMW!!! i loved the storie dont stop please i spend my time in school just to read.. your story :)

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