I kissed a girl -& yuri &- ( girl x girl )

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Xanny By Xanny Updated 10 months ago
(written in stanza) I can't forget, but i know i should.
This is so sad! DX I hate Raen's father. Reminds me of mine. -_-
Aw... I feel so bad for her :/
Her father is a ..... Yeah.. >.<
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O_O that's some deep shit. May her girlfriend rest in peace.
I was looking through the people I've followed, checking their stories for ages oh my gosh
I FOUND IT<33333
"There are lots of reports of lesbians who commit suicide."

Well, thanks for telling me. I feel so safe now...
Oh D: Poor Raen and Lisa, mostly Raen.... her father SUCKS :P I hope he turns his mind around, I've seen it be done.....I can't believe that Lisa would kill herself, I mean, didn't she know what that would do to her girlfriend? :C