Fireworks (Player's Chronicles) Volume II {Complete}

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thetis27 By thetis27 Updated 2 years ago
Natalie Ashburn is a young, single, beautiful woman. So what's wrong with her? Nothing...except for her fear of commitment and the L word. No, not Lesbian but LOVE!
Will she be willing to get lost in love or will she be single forever?
Nabidin Nabidin 3 years ago
after reading the first book in this series, i have a feeling that its gonna b natalie and kyle XD
DonnaCavitt DonnaCavitt 3 years ago
wow. #16 on the non-teen fic list. that's so cool. nd there's only 15 pgs so far. but i was expecting chase & sophie's story as bk2 in the series. but it's cool. nat's story seems interesting too:D
ellsiebrooks ellsiebrooks 3 years ago
So i can totally see why you love this one. I do too. I think you need to consider changing the name or somehow adding her name to the title, or something. I had no idea this is part 2 i thought the one about chase and sophie was part 2. 
Melsworld Melsworld 3 years ago
@thetis27 lol you're so silly all of your stories are great in their own way 
Melsworld Melsworld 3 years ago
Kyle and Cricket are funny the tension is so thick and wonder if that's Tristan that woke up loved it
calico4sr calico4sr 3 years ago
9 hours ago
Love it already!  Wow! That's one I didn't see coming!  I figured it would be Zach or Kris. Keep it going! I love Natalie. She is so much like me. Lol. Not worth my time to be tied down. I'm interested is seeing where this goes.