Tying the Knot with "Prince Charming"

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dvzedandconfvzed By dvzedandconfvzed Updated 2 years ago
The names Alice.  I've been called crazy multiple times, not like the creepy scary, the stupid scary, if you know what I mean.  My parents are making me get married to a British dude who I've never heard of before.  I know cliche right, *rolls eyes*, but this is my story, and it's far from normal.  Welcome to my world of craziness, and my journey through this whole thing, just don't get lost on the way.     (This description is still in the works, 'cause I couldn't think of anything better, this is just temporary.)
This is funny and cute! Love it. Obsessed! Definitely saving it
Lovin this so far...cruel tht her parents are forcin her to marry a guy she dont kno...its not original but I still lik it
Hahaha her mom ran as soon as she told her haha. Okay this is pretty good but I had to reread a few sentences. Also this seemed more like a prologue or preface or whichever one that is. It was short but a nice chapter.
I like the way you write.  Very conversational.  Also love the title and the fact that this is not a story where the characters fall in love right away.  I agree, those are not as interesting :)  Voted!
I can tell this will be a good story.  I can't wait for more!!!
Dude! Your story just made me smile so widely. hahha. I totally love this. :DD   .. I love Alice. She's VERY awesome! ;D  and keep writing coz i'll definitely keep on reading. :)