I Had Sex With My Brothers Enemy

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(BOOK #1 OF THE SERIES) I moaned as his hands brushed my now erect nipples.  "Damien" I moan. This wasn't right, as much as I wanted my mate it wasn't the right thing to do. "Damien, Stop!"                                                                     ~Aliyah Cole was abused most of her life due to her psychotic father. Her brother was always there to protect her though. When she finds her mate ,her brothers BestFriend, Damien Smith , all hell breaks loose. She looses a friend ,a father , and maybe a mate or a brother. Is there consequences to having sex with your mate ,your brothers enemy? [under serious editing.]
pixiecalum pixiecalum 15 days ago
who thought of michael clifford when she said red head cuz bitch ME TOO
Lovely-Camille Lovely-Camille 24 days ago
I would slap him then say "you've lost your "whore sister" now
Lovely-Camille Lovely-Camille 24 days ago
@immjusthonest your actually being rude becuz she's improving the authors work
Lovely-Camille Lovely-Camille 24 days ago
y r u writing ur # there could b pervs just kik me RarityxBitch
shaggy2014 shaggy2014 a month ago
Uhh you just called her a whore and now you want to hug her uh hb no
SecretGangstah_07 SecretGangstah_07 2 months ago
@xXKawaiiPotatoXx  haha XD well work hard on the details of how you got the nachos hahah