I Had Sex With My Brothers Enemy

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(BOOK #1 OF THE SERIES) I moaned as his hands brushed my now erect nipples.  "Damien" I moan. This wasn't right, as much as I wanted my mate it wasn't the right thing to do. "Damien, Stop!"                                                                     ~Aliyah Cole was abused most of her life due to her psychotic father. Her brother was always there to protect her though. When she finds her mate ,her brothers BestFriend, Damien Smith , all hell breaks loose. She looses a friend ,a father , and maybe a mate or a brother. Is there consequences to having sex with your mate ,your brothers enemy? [under serious editing.]
he knows that his mate and her brother share the same mother? 
                                    so he practically called his girlfriend's mum a sl*t
Sorry for asking, but I'm from Germany and I dont really understand this alpha and beta roles. I know these are letters, but whats the meaning?
omg get her a t shirt that says "I'm the fun whøre" and yours could be "and I'm still a virgin"
My name is Aliyah. I think I'm the only one who spells the name that way. XDD
Okay so that also could have been better
                                    Make the chapters longer and create an image make me feel something
                                    This is a good story line but it could be better in description and emotion
Did anyone else think of lily from himym "Youu son of a bissshhh"