I'm The Daughter Of Who??? ( Mindless Behavior Love Story)

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CeeMee2wice__ By CeeMee2wice__ Updated 2 months ago
You try growing up with barely enough money to live and not knowing who your father is. Step into the life of the 14 year old freshman Andrew Hope Haughton where she is struggling to live knowing her mother is dying.She tries and tries until she cant handle it anymore.But she suddenly gets curios about who her father is.As she asks her mother but she doesnt  get an reply because her mother wont tell her.But what happens when she starts to find out information on her own.Will Kaden find out who is her father????? Read the book to find out
XoXoJordanLovesYa XoXoJordanLovesYa 4 months ago
damn get on with god damn story in real books you don't have cast call
truyxd1 truyxd1 a year ago
omg can I be the girl for Asia brother plz I\'m super sporty I\'m Black/Mexican  plz!!!
_trvzxun _trvzxun a year ago
Since everyone likes prince can I have Issa or Jacob ? My name is Trey
tatiana910 tatiana910 2 years ago
Hi My name its charity I like Princeton would love to be in your story i'm already starting too like it
shamiquil shamiquil 2 years ago
Cani look like her instead
Acayla Acayla 2 years ago
I wanna be an extra, a girl who has a crush on jacob.
abd do I have to write my personality and stuff even tho I wanna be and extra???