My Life Is Your Entertainment (Book One)

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Rikki_and_Rokko By Rikki_and_Rokko Updated 2 years ago
(Rokko:) There's two sides to every fairy tale, too bad this fairy tale is real. One character, Adaleta is dealing with being alone. Completely alone, no family, no friends, is there even hope? When a sudden friend comes along she's back to being connected with the world. With secrets, lies and a killer around, the drama fills up her time, distracting her from a bad past.
(Rikki:) "It's the unexpected that changes your life." That's the quote that Blair has always lived by. She's seen little unexpected things happen in her life, but she would always roll with the punches. But when things starts going wrong left and right, and things get pulled from the wood work she doesn't know what to do except find peace with her friends. Then, when the people she trusted the most start evaporating from her life, she figures out that there's people that care for her, even though they don't know her. The question is, will these people still care for her when her secrets come to the surface?
KatherineK KatherineK 3 years ago
Well written, and really interesting, love your style and I think it's gonna be great! :)
OpenHeavens OpenHeavens 3 years ago
This sounds like it's gonna be a cute story! And I was just curious why she'd never met her manager before. Or was it her first day on the job? I guess I'll find out --> I'm off to keep reading. :)
AislinnRiley AislinnRiley 3 years ago
Oh wow! This is really good so far! :)  I love your detail and attention to character/plot development! :)
shadowhider shadowhider 3 years ago
@Rikki_and_Rokko I do quite like the title of best fan ever x) and to add 'hairball' after coughing does make sense xD
shadowhider shadowhider 3 years ago
@youwillneverknow so I went and found the story you suggested, and I've decided this one is pretty good too :)
Rikki22 Rikki22 4 years ago
Hey bro...ok so I typed a chapter and tried to upload it BUT IT DIDN'T WORK! Blah :( But the chapter was kind of crappy...but I'll get crackin on it!