Rewriting History - Chapter Twenty five - The hot extra.

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tbargon By tbargon Updated 4 years ago
An R rated extra to a chapter.
BSweeter28 BSweeter28 8 months ago
DAMN!! my imagination is great felt like i was a fly on the I wonder if she'll regret it in the morning
BellPatterson BellPatterson a year ago
It’s a bit creepy to sleep around with the two brothers. It’s just asking for trouble. I’m also starting to it’s interesting that you chose to do this chapter about Robert and not his brother. Will just have to wait and see what happens.
dayzee08 dayzee08 3 years ago
Haha true! lol do u picture everything that is going on when ur writing the story?
dayzee08 dayzee08 3 years ago
@tbargon Mhm well its hard bc youu gotta memorize the whole entire story xD but it be easier if the pov will become short? hmm idk haha xD r u writing the story right now? :D
angel81 angel81 3 years ago
Omg loved it far prefer robert to his brother who is to possesive & intense
dreamwalker dreamwalker 3 years ago
the morning after is always a scene to watch out for ... :-)