Rich girls can fall in love with just a normal guy . . . <3

This book is about a girl named Symone, shes 15 and she's a biracial child. She's use to being around Caucasian people and biracial kids. But that all changed due to her father job. Thats when she moved to a public school, where its known for most blacks to go there. She struggles with making new friends. But it all changed when she met Cordell. Take a look at this story and join them through there life's. Read & enjoy, thanks.
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Besides the grammar and dialogue problem,  this is a really good book so far. Keep up the good work.
i think its good they're takin it slow , they're so cute together ! it just makea me wanna keep reading !!
Do you think you can make the dialogue a little better, sometimes i cant tell whose talking.
I like this story it's really good! Cordell is so cute On how he treats her :) 
Cordell <3 Symone
This is some really truly amazing work, it's good to see young authors coming forth and showing their talent !!!!

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