UNMASK ME {completed} [Hexbound Highlight]

After her parents murder, Aleria wants nothing to do with Supers. She goes to uni, gets a job and tries to be normal. But when she meets the alluring, vigilante Shade things start to become complicated. People she called friends aren't who they seem, and a new drug hitting the streets is causing chaos. She's quick to learn that some masks are invisible and her parents murderer isn't staying quiet. [Cover Picture: Volgart_by_Nomadi]
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Aleria is like my name except I have a V instead of an A. The names valeria. Valeria bond. Jk! But yeah, cool similarities! Awesome book btw!!
This is amazing! The detail you put in is fab!!!!! Currently up to chapter 4 part 2!!!!!! :)
i was rooting for the woman :) im only on the first page, so... i guess ill have to see if she makes it or not. good story, though, very nice!!
This is pretty good. Thanks for sharing it. Might want to correct centimeters though. Haha.
Gotta agree Youve done a greattt job at the descriptionss =D Nice work gonna carry on reading now =]
This is great writing- I love the description and the way you word everything so smoothly. The words just flow.

(Amy the Ostrich Breeder)

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