The Stripper Who Cried Wolf

Fawn is a beautiful stripper that hates her job, hates her family and hates her life. Jordan is an alpha werewolf and he's got his eyes on the fawn and ready to pounce...
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@Tezialee yes, you generally get 'punters' in pubs, strip clubs and things, like in a restaurant or at HMV you wouldn't be a punter, you'd be a customer :)
Sorry if it's a stupid question but what is a punter? Is it another term for customer?
Damn.  Why th hell did Mike hav 2 up n ruin th moment n special occassion by bein such an a** X(
it was really good please can you carry one writin gother books like these 
i can't wait to read more
When it switched over P,O,V, she was thinking about his happy trail :) lol!
Bad memories associated with that, I just shivered lol.
"I had a king sized, black sleigh bed with a memory mattress" You just described MY bed...

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