The Stripper Who Cried Wolf

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Mysterious-x-Girl By Mysterious-x-Girl Updated 3 years ago
Fawn is a beautiful stripper that hates her job, hates her family and hates her life. Jordan is an alpha werewolf and he's got his eyes on the fawn and ready to pounce...
OuiOuiLetsParty OuiOuiLetsParty a month ago
I'm confused did it change POVs coz I read this chap like five times and I still can't figure it out and I got lost
bookwormcentral bookwormcentral 3 months ago
um my mom is literally so skinny and she had J's before her breast reduction
DreamBrightzzzz DreamBrightzzzz 7 months ago
@Cecy_flo13 yes they do they are called STRIPpers for a reason
tybabyp300 tybabyp300 8 months ago
@Angel_Rock. Yep. there is way higher than D cups. If you want to look at it some more. Go to youtube, or google and look up. My Strange addiction My breasts ir something in that context
sheeneybuglove sheeneybuglove 2 years ago
@Tezialee yes, you generally get 'punters' in pubs, strip clubs and things, like in a restaurant or at HMV you wouldn't be a punter, you'd be a customer :)
Tezialee Tezialee 2 years ago
Sorry if it's a stupid question but what is a punter? Is it another term for customer?