I'm Addicted To You (a George Shelley Fanfic)

Being a sister to a member of one of the hottest boybands on the X Factor was never going to be easy, especially when you're Ashley Hamblett. Ashley is her Triple J's biggest fan, and supports them through every stage of the X Factor. But what happens when an addition is made to the band, and Ashley starts falling for the one and only George Shelley? Throw in an ex boyfriend, an unknown admirer, a jealous sixteen year old and a fierce competition, but will Ashley be able to hold it together?
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Oh... Well then in weird cause I sleep in the same bad as my big brother every time they visit form the military...
OMG I can't stop reading it it is amazing I love it so much I am going to carryon xox
Any need for that? She's a good writer who cares about a little spelling mistake ?
This book is really good...I have been dreaming about it but can you make a fan fiction for me?? Best book ever!!
I know why it's called "Im addicted you you"don't you know that your toxic....(George Shelley audition)
I agree with you that they are hot but One direction will always come first but these are right after this story sounds really good so far :)

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