Gay Tales Short Stories

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Random Rated R Gay short stories. Enjoy. Again, Rated R material. Open requests by the way. Feel free to message me the details or just post a comment about it in the story. [Requests Closed]
I'm not sure how you become a fan. I voted for the story and I'm fallowing you is there something else I need to do?
@Wackyweirdochic I'm sorry DXX I tried not to write much...I ended up taking out a lot because I thought it was so long x_x; Gomensai...
Would you be able to send me the link for the private ones please :)
Can you do one between a doctor and his patient
Name- Tyler and Avery
basically he thinks the dr is amazingly sexy and he fakes illnesses to come back and see him
Can you do one where there if a relation going on between a teacher and student in which have been dating for a number of years bus the students twin suspects something and walks in on them having a secret make out session after school and asks them if he can join in on their relationship!
Could you do a teacherXstudent with the student being Steven and the teacher Colin. Any background and human?