Abuse (A Niall Horan Love Story)

Alexandria thought she had the perfect boyfriend, until he abused her. When a certain band member of One Direction saves her, she feels so thankful for him. She begins to even fall in love with him too, but will she let her heart take over, or will she let her brain take over, and never trust any boy again. Will her trust be restored, or will she forever be scarred by Jason, her abusive ex? Read and find out! *FINISHED* <3 Roxy
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* acts like the grandma on Cinderella and gives her a shotgun * here * loads it for her*
No no no HE BAD....I have a bf in realz and he don't want me wearing any open clothes.......JASON GOT THIS FLIP
Wow... Just wow so now u give her 1 word answers? Dick! What about aww luv u 2 babe???? But eww I hate Jason already
I thought they were in London. London is in England and the drinking age in England is 18....
i think i have a come back somewhere here in my pockets *pulls out hands w/ middle fingers.sticking out*
I mean don't mess with one direction us directioners should probably turn into a creepy pasta like in a few months or weeks or days :3

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