The Chemistry Teacher

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harmysnape By harmysnape Updated 2 years ago
Hermione enrolls to Greenmeadow High, a muggle highschool. But when she meets her chemistry teacher, a hot man all the girls (and probably some of the boys) in school have a crash on she thinks she may have made the worst mistake of her life.
As she discovers a dark secret about her and her family, Hermione learns to cope with being in love with her chem teacher and having a grandfather no girl yet every girl would wish for.
A lot of romance, love, and Harry and Voldemort having fun together in a beach (not as a couple, mind you!)...
after HBP...
sing_dance_read sing_dance_read 2 months ago
"Well, I'm Hermione Granger. And you are?...."
"Ron Weasley."
Dindsay Dindsay 10 months ago
Please update i love this story and i really want to know how it ends... Please update D x
Sevarina Sevarina 2 years ago
ok so im just guessing that this is going to get really fun and mione is gonna fall for snape again but he already fell for her, but thats just a guess so dont judge
shinelikecrazy shinelikecrazy 3 years ago
Oh, god he sounds sexy. xD I died when you said it was Snape, I was like "Oh, damn. Something's gonna go down." but still. I adore him. :) I like this story!
bryttanyray bryttanyray 3 years ago
this really good plz upload more plz plz plz
i really like it
AmyNatasha AmyNatasha 3 years ago
@harmysnape ohh this sounds good, I can't wait to finish reading it!