In the early 19th Century, Prague’s streets are cold and cobbled. The astronomical clock chimes on the hour and life goes by as it should. Puppet theatres have always been a big part of the Czech culture and Anna and her uncle rely on them for a living.
Anna has always made puppets, always been to see the shows and always had them in her life. It’s just the way it always has been. But what happens when the curtains go down and at night the puppets dance on the stage, when people are being murdered, when a ghost and mysterious magician appear?
melon-majestic melon-majestic 20 hours ago
I love this already so much. Creepy but great and your vocabulary is spot on ;)
alienphysco alienphysco 2 years ago
i love it and i greatly appreciate ur way of writing its very interesting :)
NamelessTea NamelessTea 2 years ago
Oooh...I like it...! I've always had this thing for puppets. Creepy, murderous puppets. Ah, I really like this idea. My type of story -- dark and enchanting. Your writing style is also very nice x3
SabrinaElouardi SabrinaElouardi 2 years ago
Pavel was a character in The Boy With the Striped Pajamas movie, who was beaten to death by a German soldier....

But other than that, this is a good story. You can weave simple words and make the story seem truly mortifying :)
Her_Fantasyy Her_Fantasyy 2 years ago
this story is really good :) i always love this type of setting :)
luffy123 luffy123 3 years ago
Waw, atfirst the puppet already creep me out, cause i'm afraid of doll, ==
But i love this story, :3