When sixteen year old Sarionah Jackson moves to a new town, she's determined to hate it. Although the snow IS magical, she had to leave her best friends. Just as she's coming to terms with living in this new town, she realizes that she's no longer human. Her new found friend has turned her into an angel. She learns to cope with her dazzling beauty, and being madly in love with her 'subject'. As Rahim's guardian angel she's supposed to protect him from harm. She can't do her job if she remains on earth. What will Sarionah choose? True love, or staying with her race?
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aw....i loves it! loves it! loves it! amazing job! it was so detailed and well written, i was upset when it stopped.  good job!
I like the cover :D
It's a good story, I really like Sari's mum haha :D
And I really like Sari :)
Bravo! I love cover!!! It's very pretty. I loved the emotion you put in when talking about her friends. It gave her true animation in my mind!
This is good. I can tell she misses her friends a lot and the descriptions didn't make me want to just skim them and move on.
It's really fantastic! I love your style of writing and the flow is just perfect. Very original and very interesting! Fantastic!
Incredible writing! and btw I love Zooey Deschanel and I think she really fits your main character! xD

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