Bad Boys & Good Girls

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So there's the bad boy (Jake Black) and the good girl (Chloe Deron) which every story always focuses on.

And then there's everybody else, who's usually left in the shadows.

Andre; who used to street fight when he was 18 so he could earn money and Diego, his younger brother who has his frequent moments where he believes he's not as bad ass as everyone thinks he is because he has to live up to his brothers reputation. Kevin; the only sensible one in the whole group, the kind of guy who's a player, but still cares. Daniel; who absolutely gives not a crap about playing around with women and his heavenly narcotics. 

The popular blonde chick who still has her crushes and awkward perky moments. The other type of player, who no one really likes, The older brother, who says that he's been at college but has actually been dealing cocaine about 9 blocks away from his own house. And of course, the hot British God of Bad ass who just loves throwing his money around because he can.

Suddenly, everything can look like it came out of something like Grand Theft Auto. It's just what can happen, when you mix a bad boy, and a good girl and all the drama behind it. 

And that's just the beginning.

- - - - - - - 

(P.S: I wrote this when I was bloody fourteen so most of the facts aren't completely true so don't go complaining that 'this doesn't work like that' or 'this is so immature and unrealistic.' In other words, I have no idea what the actual fuck I was doing, but hey) { RATED 'R' FOR EXCESSIVE USE OF FOUL LANGUAGE. SHIT }

- - - - - - -

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Wow my head was in a bad place there... Wait! That sounds worse
forget the tv show, I'd be there eating tubs full of Ben & Jerry's with my mother in the backround saying 'you've got a serious problem'
sorry ik it's old but i can't hide my inner fangirl
No fa girdling over my husband we r married as I said before.
Yes I can't believe you didn't know it was Jake from State Farm. You r a disgrace. I lied
From Statefarm!!!!! I'm lying it's Sean ma bae he is my bae we are married sorry but he is taken