Mindless Behavior. Brother Love.

"AHH!! Prodigy get yo ass up! We got church!" Said ray. Prod put 5 hands up demanding to tell ray he needed 5 more minutes. "Ok you wanna be like that?!" Ray questioned. Prod didnt respond. Ray left the room coming exactly back in 5 mins with a belt. "YOU SAID 5mins SO YOU GET 5 ASS WOOPINGS!" Ray yelled! Prod jumped and grabed his belt too saying "WARRRR!" There dad came in and yelled "Were going to church!!! STFU!... Omg... Im sorry lord for swearing on a sunday morning...!"
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love it keep updating on the story why prod so retarded talikin bout he came out floks penises
i liked it they was lucky i wasn't there i would had brought the whole twerk team in Le bitch
kml im dead im dead dis shit to funni they twerking ray met a she/he roc is acting shady towards them they always gettin whooping I love it
Lmao! Prod and his twerking. Ray and his grinding. Roc and his porn. And Prince and his.....his.... his.... I don't even know. >.<
Lol,i love this story! it's so good & funny..please continue ! i was Lmao when prod got his whooping.. :D

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