Savage Intentions (2nd in Savage Series)

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conleyswifey By conleyswifey Completed
2nd in the 'Savage' series. Hawke and Lily have everything they wanted. A family with their daughter, Allie and Jack. But soon tensions begin to arise within the family and when unexpected visitors arrive from the past, no one can predict the devastation that will strike their family.
MrsAlsina93 MrsAlsina93 a month ago
Was her being kidnapped her breaking point or something because she got ra**ed and beaten by Nathan plenty of time before that and he always used to threatened her sister:/
mamalois mamalois 3 months ago
You are a fantastic writer. I love your style no matter what the era or plot. You have become my favorite autnor. When I see your name I just click and don't even care what the story's about. Thank you so much for sharing your special talent.  mamalos
fp1234 fp1234 2 years ago
PTSD and panic attack are hard to deal with today. I can't imagine what it must have been like in the late 1800s.
fp1234 fp1234 2 years ago
Life expectancy has increased exponentially since the 1880s. What was old then is middle age now.
KiwiForeva KiwiForeva 3 years ago
@meena79 i dont think so....things were much more simple back then....things could very wel work out :)
Naarah Naarah 3 years ago
Ok, forget my previous comment about an epilogue for the first Savage story... I kind of forgot there was a series of them, haha.