The love against the nature 2: The Last decision

The sequel to 'The love against the nature 1: The Beginning' In order to be with Seth again, Marilyn had to make deal with King of Vampires and turn into vampire. She is walking around the world with her four partners and looking for a reincarnate of Seth. What happens when she finally finds him? Will he remember her? And more importantly will he love her again? After all she is not the same person as before...
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Thanks for the dedication:D and yes I'd love to know what Seth/ Evan is thinking and feeling!!! I'm so glad you didn't have her want to kill Seths/Evans girlfriend it keeps her the same even though she's a vampirenow:D 
Yeah they can be together again:D but how is she going to kidnap him or stalk him? Oooh I can't wait to find out;D
it is very nice i am glad that u are my big sis:Dlove you so much :D

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