The Ramblings of a Crazy Person (me)

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Alex By Alex Updated 3 years ago
HI! guess what? you get a cookie just for reading this ( : : ) its chocolate chip, and for the people who are allergic to chocolate, here is a plain cookie (   ), not as much fun...
so this is the crazieness from the farthest reaches of my mind. Random thoughts, weird things, and anything else i feel like throwing in, is contained within the story. (be careful, it might bite) so sit back with an armadillo, read this book while sipping coco, and have a laugh. or a chortle, even a gaff, or anything of that sort, just as long as it tickles your funny bone.
My neighbours were PJs all day if they don't go out 
Ionly have an IPod touch, no iPad. My dads got a kindle.
I don't like 0's
Wouldn't it be great if we had thumbs on our feet? We could be monkeys!?
That guy is harsh, can I shoot him? 
Hahaha, you're right! This is really something. :) I like your mood in this. :D Really funny how you started with people have 5 toes. :P Well, that's because we're awesome like that! ;D