Superman Stole My Panties

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Kissmyoops3 By Kissmyoops3 Completed
Senior year couldn't be better. Avery Nelson's finally dumped her brain-dead boyfriend, she's taking all easy classes, and she finally has a job working at the local McDonald's. Her life couldn't get any better. But when McDonald's gets robbed by a psycho with a gun to the back of her head, Avery can feel everything falling apart. A mysterious masked man dressed in all black appears out of no where, saving not only her life, but the rest of the restaurant's as well. And thus begins the meetings between Avery and the masked man. He hasn't claimed a name for himself, yet the media has been all over him. Unoffically known as The Man With The Green Slash, he has taken a liking to Avery. His arrogant attitude matched with the mystery of him leaves Avery curious for more. And soon she finds herself struggling to figure out who the Green Slash really is under the mask.
smlover_me smlover_me 10 days ago
Is it just me are is this book very violent I mean it's good so far but wow
WhenBoredWrite WhenBoredWrite 2 months ago
She wrote 'last night at about 10 in the evening...' (i think im a little late to be clearing up things since you probably know by now...but i may or may not suffer from OCD) (i dont) XDDD
GingaNinja2013 GingaNinja2013 2 months ago
I've read this story before only it was on a different website by a different person... Suspicious?????
kryptonnica kryptonnica 3 months ago
Currently reading this one. I find it very intriguing especially about Superman. It takes up my attention completely these past days. Nice story!
Valikinz0211 Valikinz0211 6 months ago
No it said '10 in the evening' not '10 at night' maybe she meant 10 in the morning
HottiePottie HottiePottie 6 months ago
I think u meant moonlight. Because it's 10 at night like u described in the first sentecne